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Jaden Leeming’s BMX park session

Jaden Leeming is an 18 year old BMXer from Auckland. Leeming takes us on a quick tour of his local park hits a quick sessions and tells us why he loves riding.



Orchid Footwork – Bam’s house

Video section from the movie: Orchid Footworks (2011)
Does anyone know the title of the background music?

epic bmx – Damo Wilkinson

Name: Damo Wilkinson
Hometown: Melbourn, Cambridge
Hook ups/sponsors: Amity bike co, Dephect Clothing
Bmx contest: Relentless NASSBmx


Jason Lopez BMX Promo

epic bmx fly

TRIPLE INSANE STUNT BONUS!! Height: 3000m Rotation: 13245° GTA San Andreas haha

epic bmx